Golan Pastures

 Herding Cattle Differently

We collaborate with carefully selected suppliers, and the Golan Pastures cowboys provide us with meat. In Binyamina Bohariim, we acquire premium meat cuts from local, high-quality breeding.

Choosing Golan Pastures cattle allows us to utilize top-quality raw material, which translates into pronounced flavors of naturally raised meat. The flavors and tenderness of the meat we select are evident when grilling thin slices without excessive sauces or overpowering seasonings, enhancing the enjoyment of its rich taste.

Golan Pastures has a unique approach to cattle farming:

  • Local Israeli Cattle: Born in the Golan Heights, these cattle thrive in their natural habitat. They enjoy comfort, social interaction, antibiotic-free nutrition, and growth without artificial hormones.
  • Exceptional Growth Philosophy: The cattle are raised without preventive antibiotics, hormones, unnecessary manual interventions, and exposure to industrial processes or contamination. This approach aligns with the highest quality standard, “Chai Bari” (Healthy Living), a first-of-its-kind quality mark in Israel, ensuring consumers receive cleaner, healthier food with close monitoring and full transparency.
  • Supporting Local Farmers: While global import options expand, and live shipments arrive under less favorable conditions from around the world, Golan Pastures assures you and your family that the meat you purchase is Israeli, local, and has undergone a transparent and supervised process from pasture to plate.
  • Consumer Awareness: The year 2020 reinforced the importance of supporting Israeli farmers, encouraging blue-and-white agricultural products, and raising general consumer awareness.

For more information, visit the Golan Pastures website.

 Burge Binyamina Bohoraim

Genuine. Local. Natural.

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