Regulations for Benefits/Promotions

  1. These regulations are intended to regulate the conditions under which promotions and benefits are conducted at Burj Binyamina Bohraim (hereinafter “the regulations”).
  2. Participation in the promotions and receiving the benefits will be in accordance with and subject to the fulfillment of all the conditions detailed in these regulations, as they may appear from time to time.
  3. Each customer is responsible for keeping up to date with the provisions of these regulations and all the benefits he is entitled to, as they will be from time to time.
  4. The Burj reserves the right to stop the activity of promotions/benefits at any time and in any manner it chooses, at its sole discretion.
  5. The Burj reserves the right to change the provisions of these regulations and/or any part thereof, including changing the benefits available to customers, at any time and in any manner it chooses, at its sole discretion.
  6. The Burj will notify of the changes that will occur from time to time, in accordance with its sole discretion and subject to the law, using the means of communication available to it.

Terms and Conditions

The management is entitled to use the customer’s details and keep information and data received as part of an activity and/or participation in the benefits and/or consumption habits, all for internal and/or marketing and/or commercial purposes, including for mailing and sending publications and information via regular mail, email, text message, or any other means of communication.
Upon receipt of the vouchers/codes, the customer confirms that he is aware that the company will contact him by any means of communication, including, but not limited to, sending him publications and other materials related to the club’s activities, including collaborations with third parties, through various media, including email and text messages, etc., and he expressly authorizes this.
A customer may at any time notify the company of his refusal to receive mailings and withdraw his consent. The refusal notice must be given in writing. You can unsubscribe by email: [email protected]. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that his message was properly delivered to the company and handled accordingly.
Subject to these regulations, the personal data provided by the customer, as detailed above, will remain in the hands of the company and/or anyone on its behalf who will not use them except for the purpose of contacting the customers, management, operation, marketing activities, and benefits carried out by the company and/or anyone on its behalf.

Terms of the Benefits

Use and acceptance of benefits or promotions do not confer double promotions and/or discounts and/or benefits unless the company has decided so and has expressly stated so.
Eligibility for the benefits provided is conditional upon presenting an ID card.
Customers will be entitled to use, according to their choice, one of the benefits they are entitled to at each table (tables cannot be split). Payment for the transaction will be made in cash or by credit card only. No benefits will be given when purchasing with a voucher unless the management decides otherwise.
The company may stop or change without prior notice the nature and/or amount of the benefits that are and will be given to customers and/or replace and/or make any changes in the benefits, all at its sole discretion. Benefits that customers are entitled to enjoy will be published by the management through advertising means at the company’s discretion.
You can enjoy one benefit per day only per customer.
There is no double promotion and it is not possible to split tables – when two promotions are held simultaneously, including any gift vouchers, the customer will have to choose only one promotion/benefit to redeem.

Information Security and Privacy

The company or anyone on its behalf will take all reasonable steps to secure the information provided by the customers, all in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. However, the company cannot guarantee complete security against unauthorized intrusions and prohibited use by third parties. Therefore, the company will not bear any responsibility, direct or indirect, in cases of disclosure and use of information provided by customers resulting, directly or indirectly, from unauthorized intrusions by others or as a result of actions and/or omissions beyond its control and/or due to an error or technical malfunction. You can update the privacy policy on the company’s website.
In the event of any contradiction and/or inconsistency between the provisions of these regulations and any other publications in all media, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail for all intents and purposes.
The management reserves the right to give such and other benefits to some customers, according to the management’s considerations from time to time.
Wherever there is a contradiction between these regulations and the provisions of the law, the binding provisions of the law will prevail at that time.
These regulations are written in the masculine form but refer to both genders.
The text of the regulations will be published and updated from time to time on the official site at:
Customer service email address for all inquiries: [email protected].
These regulations, and any legal grounds arising from their use, including their validity and interpretation, will be subject to Israeli law only, and the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute concerning the regulations and their use will be given to the competent courts in Tel Aviv.

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