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Burge Binyamina Bohoraim

Our brunch is light and rich, with dishes suit for breakfast and lunch

You can combine the dishes with the salads,

It is recommended to order some main dishes to share.

The menu is change every day depending on the available fresh products.

 Genuine. Local. Natural.

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Peasant salad
Fresh vegetables and zaatar croutons with
white tahini, a spicy dish and a hot sesame bagle

Red shakshuka
Served with green tahini, spicy dish and
hot challah

Green shakshuka
Served with salad and a warm
sesame bagel
Shredded meat fulled beef topped with
an egg and a salad of greens and herb leaves
The sultan’s eggplant
Burnt eggplant filled with tomato stew, minced meat
and pine nuts white tahini, a spicy dish
and a hot sesame bagel

Ras el shulhan
traditional mixed surving – wheat and sweet potatoes, white tahini, Garlic confit, spicy dish, garden vegetable salad, egg salad, A tray of homemade breads and spreads

Pide Istanbul
Turkish dough pastry on top with seasoned meat,
sojuk, tomatoes and chili. Served with tahini, green salad
and herb leaves

Green Pide
Turkish dough pastry on top with green stew
and an egg, served with a salad

Steak & Egg
entrecote chunks, a crispy potato
and a pair of fried eggs served with a green herb leaves salad

Charles III
English breakfast including a pair of sausages
white beans in tomato sauce, a crispy potato and
a pair of fried eggs served with a salad of green herb leaves salad

Knife chopped liver
Served with seasonal fruit jam,
tostones and gherkins

Bread tray
Sourdough bread, sesame bagels and
homemade spreads

Local entrecote with broken potatoes
Wilhelm’s schnitzel  Thin beef schnitzel with mashed cauliflower
Trout fillet and citrus slices  Served with a green salad
Organic chicken breast Herbs and garlic with mashed cauliflower
Aged sirloin minute steak With broken potatoes, garlic confit and parsley
Hamburger 100% beef from the Golan (220 grams) with fried potatoes
Chicken Liver Spaghetti Garlic confit and olive oil from “Mesik Magal”

Grandma’s compote
Seasonal fruits and dried fruits
Malabi Coconut cream, tapioca, rose water and a mixture of nuts
Pretzel Crunch Rich nougat cream on a thin brownie layer, Chocolate nougat crust and salty pretzel pieces
Rocher ball Nut chocolate mousse, a nougat surprise, coated with a chocolate crust
Mini brownies 4 pieces- Small fudge brownie cubes
Pecan pie The familiar and beloved dessert, crispy dough, pecans, toffee sauce

Burge Binyamina Bohoraim


Genuine. Local. Natural.