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Brunch in Burge Binyamina

local culinary, Natural, healthy and quality dining.

The Burge, serving you nature in all it's splendor.

We invite you to experience the incorporation of nature in food.

Nature pampers us with it's delicious gifts. The dishes are based on the most local raw ingredients of the highest quality in the Israeli market. We've prepared light, rich brunches, that do the ingredients justice.

Genuine. Local. Natural.

Between the grassy terraces and avocado plantations, and the historic and nostalgic buildings of Burge Binyamina, we’ve erected a unique garden.

Home to high quality authentic food of natural make, local and excellingly Israeli, “Burge Brunch”.

The Burge conducts brunch meals on the natural purity of the local harvest,

Green all around, with breathable clean air and an experience of tastes which will bring you a natural, fine, and unforgettable cuisine.

Daily, we pick quality ingredients of genuine, local make with care

Beef from Golan Pasture ‘Hai Bari’,

Free-Range eggs ‘Hai Bari’,

Organic poultry ‘Meshek Melamed’,

Olive oil from kibbutz ‘Magal’,

Local Alexander beer,

Organic fruit juice from kibutz ‘Neot Smadar’,

Wine from ‘Carmel’ winery,

Alcoholic cider of local make,

Green leaves from hydroponic farming ‘alalim raananim’ from Emek Hefer and more…

In “Burge Brunch” you’ll find fresh food, quality dining, genuine flavours, moments of happiness and greenery all around you. Enjoy every moment!

In our menu…

A collection of salads made from fresh vegetables plucked straight from the fields

Smoldering bread, fresh from the oven

Meaty dishes of precise quality

Subtle vegeterian dishes

Plenty of desserts

Israeli beer and wine

Hot drinks, with an option of milk substitute

Burge Binyamina


Genuine. Local. Natural.