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  • Burge Binyamina is an important part of the history of the settlement in the Land of Israel since the turn of the century.

  • The Khan is integrated into the history of pioneering settlements in Binyamina and Zichron Ya’acov.

  • Khan Burge was built in the 18th and 19th centuries during the Turkish rule. The Khan is located on earlier relics from the first and second century settlement.

  • In 1898, as part of his journey from Haifa to Jaffa, Khan Bahnja camped  the Emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II and his entourage. Three days later, the emperor met with Dr. Herzl in Jerusalem.

  • In the early 20th century, the Baron Rothchild purchased the land of the Burge from the heirs of Salim Khoury Christian. The wealthy Salim family lived in Lebanon at the time.

  • This acquisition was a first step in the acquisition of Jewish land in the Zarqa Valley. The crocodile stream at the time named for its Arabic name – Wadi Timsah.

  • The Burge lands were divided into twenty-seven of the Zichron Yaacov peasants who was lacked a land of Falha. The same peasants lived during the week at the Big Khan in Burj.

  • The agricultural work in Burge was continued all week. By the end of the week, the peasants would return to the village about 8 km away.

  • During harvest time the peasants would stay overnight in Khan until the beginning of the grape harvest, when he returned to the vineyards in Zichron Yaacov.

  • From the age of 13, the boys joined their fathers, nannies and workers in Burge, and later developed a special atmosphere of being young and fierce peasants. A holiday of the present.

  • The ancient Khan of Binyamina has undergone conservation processes and today serves as an event venue with a magical and unique atmosphere.

  • The Burge on Wikipedia.

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